The problem of films about demons

[Este artículo está disponible en español acá]

Today I saw the movie ‘The Devil Inside’ (2012). I think the criticism of the American press is puerile. They criticize is that lacked supernatural scenes that caused fear. I have nothing to criticize from the point of view of a movie buff. I think the film is well made.It is a false ducumental, which apparently is the fashion style that imposed The Office (TVseries).

However, do I have something to criticize about the theology of the film and, in general,about the movies of exorcisms and devilish people. And is that they exaggerate the demonic powers, or rather, the demons seem too strong compared to divine power. In reality is the opposite: God triumphs over demons. It is impossible to succeed demons, because God has 3 properties that demons do not: omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. Perhaps this is not shown as it would not be as profitable, although it may just be lack of talent or vision of the writers to give another twist to situations.

My view is that the film is well made, very good performances (especially Simon Quarterman), but it is important that you see with a critical eye and do not forget that God always has more power than the demons, after all, he created angels and demons are simply fallen angels.

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