The books banned by the Church

[Este artículo está disponible en español]

The Christian Church (Coptic Church, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox Church) has banned for nearly 2000 years certain books. Interestingly, they are not non-Christian books, but part of it.

Here I will make a top five of the books less taught, less widespread and less used in the liturgies of all times and all places.

Get ready for the most controversial books list.

1. Lamentations

It is assumed that Christians should always be happy. There is no room for bitterness or for lamentation. We must always praise the Lord. The funny thing is that these people who criticize those who are genuine with their feelings usually end up with depression because they try to pretend emotions of joy that they do not have.

2. Song of Solomon

It is not possible that the church shows the love and passion between a man and a woman. In the book sometimes appear certain dyes erotic. The only way this book is accepted by the Christian community is to be interpreted as the relationship of Christ and the Church, although it is somewhat difficult to imagine that Christ gives kisses to the Church (?). Besides, sex is bad.

3. Jeremiah

This is a book too negative. It is also the same author of Lamentations. The Church has preferred not to talk much of the book, as we could spread from his melancholy and sadness.

4. Apocalypses

A book too complicated. People probably would not understand, the Church has assumed that people are not smart enough to be able to understand it. In addition, some just the name makes them afraid, even though it only means “revelation.”

5. Psalms

In the peculiar case of the Psalms, it happens that only a few chapters of the book are prohibited. Even they have created songs inspired by some chapters, but have tried to hide out and not add to the liturgy psalms showing anger. Because obviously, it is assumed that we Christians never felt those feelings. Anger and sadness are feelings that Christians are not supposed to feel.

So gentlemen, the banned books of the Church are not the Kama sutra or the Koran, but the books belonging to the same religion. The Church has deprived itself of a rich poetic and beautiful exploration.

Such as banned books, I invite you to read them. I invite you to break the norm. And if you have the chance, tell your pastor, priest or deacon who will start reading more books in these Masses, meetings and places of worship. Let’s make a revolution. Let’s see what happens.

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